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People make sites. Ask a student friend to set up a couple of pages or use a ready-made template. Or find a stylish 3D-graphics artist to create a cute pic of your site-to-be None of them guarantees the effective final result that can be provided only by a complex approach.

Unqualified content, design or code can do nothing good but damage your image. Moreover it can turn a waste of time and money: your virtual agency wont work to its best and will hardly attract many people to your business.

With us you always have the result you expect to have. All stages of site development in VIVA-Studio are monitored by our top-managers and performed by qualified specialists.

We believe a good site is like a well-planned modern house: nice facade, effective architecture, cozy interiors and individual style. The foundation is always a creative idea that brings forward original design and elaborate user-friendly content.