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Dear Sir/Madam,

We suppose that you would probably like to have an online representation of your business for Russian-speaking clients.

If you be inclined to enter the market of Russia (or of other former soviet countries, where the Russian language is still widespread) you would certainly need a well-organized web-site in Russian, targeted at the Russian users.

Our web-services could be an answer to your needs once you decide to set your headquarters in the Russian cyberspace.

Could you please take time to read through our offer?

5 reasons why work with ViVa-studio, our offer

Our offers

We offer you a php/css web-site starting from just 900 euros. That includes:

Statistics module from a Russian search engine (Yandex.Metrika , Rambler.Top100)
The site and its content is initially SEO-friendly, easily gets indexed by the search engines and Russia-targeted. News module is easy to use and adjustable.
If you choose to add another language version it will cost you the price of text processing and coding together with search engine optimization (300 euros per version).


We prefer to develop easily loadable and stable php -sites without heavy databases or sophisticated scripts. Our sites are cross-platform, cross-browser and cross-version. We make them look at their best in any resolution. Valid PHP/HTML/CSS is always a plus to how your site looks and functions and moreover makes it easily editable, scaleable and upgradeable.

If you prefer to not have our support in SEM or content-management on a regular basis, we could offer you a content management system that will be developed specially for the needs of your site support (from 600 euro depending on the functions). We also can adjust to your needs one of the Open Source (GPL) CMS - Drupal, Joomla, Moodle. This will cost you +300 euros (includes installation of the CMS on the hosting server, template and modules maintenance, site structure and content management).

Still, we would not advise our clients to manage the contents of the site on their own if they don't have a certified SEO-specialist and web-master on their staff. It is much less time and money-consuming to have our regular tech and SEO/SEM service work on your site support and promotion.

We will find for your site or its Russian version a suitable domain name and have it registered with one of Russian registrars. Also, we will provide you with an appropriate hosting in Russia , which is very important for SEO and promotion purposes. Average cost for a hosting starts from 2 euros per month (no databases) or from 6 euros per month (with up to 10 databases).

Support and promotion

After the site is published it needs support, competent SEO and content-management , efficient marketing and promotion , if you want it work properly for getting you new customers. We can provide technical support and content-management for just 200+ euros per month. SEO/SEM services (for Yandex) cost from 400 euros per month. As for contextual advertising management expenses, they are paid separately.

Business Representative

Entering a new market you might feel uncertain and confused. Prices, marketing, negotiations, local customs and culture are often misleading. If needed we could provide representation, translation and information service for your business in Russia, work as your business agents, find and contact businesses throughout Russia and initiate negotiation process or pre-contract proceedings on your behalf. We are located in the Southern Russia ( Volgograd region).

Contracts and payments

The total cost of our services is calculated after we together with you decide on the scope of work needed and upon completion of a web site development Proposal and achieving an agreement.
Payments possible via Western Union, Unistream , Web Money as advance 30% payment or on completion of each stage of work stipulated by the web site development agreement.

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