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Sites development

VIVA-Studio provides accredited and effective artistic, technological and linguistic solutions for the presentation of your business in the www.

We offer you a full set of service starting from domain name choice counseling, architecture planning and creative design, SEO and site promotion.

Site development stages

The process of site development involves several stages. With VIVA-studio, Volgograd you are sure to have a quality SEO-optimized ready-to-use web site.

  1. Site planning (architecture, navigation, content organisation)
  2. Design development (site layout)
  3. Content development (translation, SEO copywriting, texts, media)
  4. Template development (html/css coding)
  5. Programming (web-applications, databases, etc.)
  6. Site assembly and testing (content coding, web-application and databases incorporation)
  7. Search engines optimization (free of charge if the site is made by our team)
  8. Site promotion and maintenance (monthly).

Prices range from 300 euros for a simple 3-6 page site to 5000 euros for portals with original design and functions and are agreed after we complete the planning stage. An Advance deposit of 100 euros is a must if we start a project with you. .

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